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Saturday, December 27, 2008


During hari natal...
we konvoi somewhere in sumedang...
just having fun...
yeah bebeh...layan siot..

so we bertolak around 9.30 from maulana..
participant adalah maulana peps n 2 sukawening peps
about 1 n half hour gak la...sampai mat kool cramp2 tgn dia..hahaha
tu la tak cukup lemak
kami bwk roti telur...for makan2..habis woo
laku gak walau ada yg hangus..
sori guys
tapi no sory to dibah...
erm takyah ckp la knape
hmm..so takda la bosan sgt cuti ni
thx to sayid for jumpa tempat yang rare ni
next invite aku lg

Monday, December 22, 2008


“What If You Fall In Love With Your Best Friend’s Girlfriend”

A common question that I get from my friend(ehm2) recently, “What should I do if I fall for my best friend’s

I literally terkezutzz in disbelief every time I think
this question because personally, I think the answer to this question
is very clear to any man with some sense of honor.

Your best friend’s girlfriend should be off limits,
PERIOD. It doesn’t matter how much you are attracted to her.
He is your best friend’s girlfriend! Don’t steal her!

We may be living in modern times, but when it comes
to friendship and brotherhood, LOYALTY and TRUST are still
VERY important.

Don’t be like TROY, because of woman, two countries in war….

Don’t make yourself regret for your whole life because of one woman…

This is what can i say:
Women come, women go, but best friends are for life!
There is absolutely no reason for you to have
to hit on your best friend’s girlfriend. Learn how you can
attract other quality women…

Now go take a cold shower and stop thinking about
your friend’s girlfriend!

Tribal Council Season 1..accomplish!!!

Salam n hello...
ermm lame dah tak update my blog...exam week n tenet kena ptg
so basically we(griya boys+nizam) involve in some kind of study grup...which we name it as TRIBAL COUNCIL
yeah bebeh
our tribesmate are me,uncle hafiz,adib M,fidot,taiko n awang...
this blog is dedicated especially to nizam because dia yang request..
poyo sial
ermm we also have new big table...see above laa...2x2 meter...muat for 8 people...
huhuhu..and this tribal council boleh dianggap berjaya la jugak for DMS blok especially..
almaklumlah semua org gettin busy in 3rd year...especially i am...
huhu...i never been diz buzy so far...
but ada sad story behind this...which one of our tribesmate nak keluar..which is uncle..(Bukan nama sebenar)..
hafiz...actually we all very sad bout diz news...taiko terutamanya
kenapa hafiz???
kurang kasih syg kami kah???
hafiz...plzzz think carefully...about us...we been through all hard time togetha..
tawa,sedih,masak memasak,tanpa kau,kami rasa tempang hafiz
ape la yang best sangat dgn council lain???
plz think bout it hafiz
gambar kedua...tgn hafiz...adakah hafiz akan melepaskan diri dari kami??
gambar pertama...who will replace our beloved uncle hafiz???hafiz plz dont go baby...

Monday, December 15, 2008


Pada 6/12 yang lalu...
at tangerang jakarta...
we(some malaysian student) and papua boys play RUGBY FRIENDLY at ISCI
we play with Banten Club and Japanese team...(Nippon Cement sdn bhd kot)...
so here some picture...sweet moment there..
the field...soooooooooooooooooooooooooo ssweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttt!!
ye ha!!!!
So basically we play:(based on try)
Bandung Rams 10s (ours) vs Japanese Team = 1-5 (full half)
Bandung Rams 15s vs Banteng Club = 1-2 (first half only)
Banteng Club 15s vs Japanese Team = (2nd Half only)
Bandung Rams 15s vs Japanese Team = 4-2 (1st half)
Bandung Rams 15s vs Banteng Club = 3-2 (2nd half)

we played from 4.30 till 8.00 i think...

malaysian student...khaliz,me,radzi,nazirul(gile ar),and farid

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