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Friday, September 30, 2011

Braga Festival 24/9/2011 ....Black N White vs Color...what say you?

salam n hello brother and sistah..
ok..last time.. from Puskesmas Padasuka..trus ke Braga Fest 2011
use two different type of film..
1st Superia 200
2nd Ilford XP2 400 BnW
cool man...i never expected it turn out like this in my Holga 135 bc..
Superia 200...go!
Sound System

Teh Botol Sosro...woot woot me likey

check this out...they also have Mini Galery for Indonesia Journalist..i wish one of my
pic here
some cosplay show
do u spot an Action Kamen there?

the man who steal everyone attention!!! he fight for "komunitas bersepeda"
means Bicycle Community for healthy environment 
yes its hot and i'm thirsty
Sosej Bratwurt..with double exposure...before and after cook..

and i just realize...my wide lens produce a wonderful picture...check every corner meh

a little guy wanna try a temporary tattoo
it takes patient to produce this...hahaha
"man with Rattan Birds (toy)"

honestly...can u trust Tarrot Card?
am i in Japan? or Bandoeng?
some fags...haih..but check it out his sword...fallen!

u have a nice legs but u dont even care about trash behind u? typical!

"Komunitas Sepeda" even a child love bicycle than bike.

i want to smile if i see this pic again 50 years from now

Bioskop= cinema... A Moving Cinema
hahahah......i wish i have a flash
this is Braga Walk...one of the old town in Bandung...

i do read Manga and comics..but this..not my style..
but i like this momment here! the old guy on right of pic is like
wondering in his head "erkk....is that a new evolution of Homo-Sapiens?"
 orait... finish with color?
lets go BnW...
is like going back to the future..
with Holga 135 bc 
a camera in late 70's in Russia
very suitable with bnw..

this idea taken from Bang-Bang Club...
i called it "people moment " technique

urghhh i'm...stunned
Braga Fest 2011...look forward for next year..ok!
ermmm ermmm what is this..

Bikers Brotherhood Bandoeng...
yes they still use old bike 

around Braga Fest..like Braga Tempo Doeloe

Sumpah Horror...hahahaha..

actually i don't understand why a lot of monument in here?

Indonesian Police...hahha noce Ford by the way

Bamboo roof

see told u....he still my attention so much

this are the pictures of "maniac man" around Bandung!
my beloved Dr.Ardhini said before
"in late 80-90's there is only one insane women in Bandung..only one!! now it become
more than 100..."globalization make people insane!

this is "tikus sawah" reflect to political corrupter in Indonesia. 

Love this one..oldschool jeep in bnw..perfecto
"people moment"
hehehehe...nak kawin ke bang???
Braga Walk
candid by shoot from the hip
Local  Hawker
Local Hawker 2...i donno what they sell..
Durian Ice Cream...love it

Local artist...
is like Horizon Perfekt?hahhaha panoramic...
i donno how this happen...faulty make artistic?

old versus modern...
Becek vs Bike...
Bicycle versus Bike? pls save the environment...alaaaaahhhh

thats all abot the Braga Fest 2011
in color and bnw
for me...black n white just melt my heart..hahhaa
sorry for any narcissism in this post...
i donno man..maybe bcoz this is the most perfect roll i ever develop so far...
seriously i feel very satisfied for this time...
now the winner for color is....
and the winner of bnw is
people moment...

if u dont like my choice...
neva mind...
its all yours...
for me 
photography is a moment u get..
not some light and sharpness of picture..
photography is when u look at it
u will 
lough, cry, happy and anger..
thats what i want..

Popular quote today from 
To speak technically photography is the art of writing with light. But if I want to think about it more philosophically, I can say that photography is the art of writing with time. When you capture an image you capture not only a piece of space, you also capture a piece of time. So you have this piece of specific time in your square or rectangle. In that sense I find that photography has more to do with time than with light. - Gerardo Suter - "Black & White Magazine for Collector of Fine Photography", 

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