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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bandung Rams vs Jago Dulu (the French)

23 march 2010...Tournament for rugby 15-side started...so our game start against Jago Dulu (played by The French who work in Indonesia)
the game started around 530 pm...weee..
Below is Jago Dulu Badges which they choose the Ayam's or Rooster as mascot..
our teams use Rams or kambing gurun,.heheehe
this is most amazing match that i ever played in my life..haha..we won..how?
IT'S COMEBACK!!!! we comeback at very last minute....last 2 minutes actually...


Before i tell u more about the game..firstly let me show u our brand new jersey..see...red color..and i played for no.8 for the first time..like Rodney So'oialo...hahaha..like him!!!!played no.8 for all blacks for life man!!

this are some of pictures taken...i found it at Facebook..hahaha..some of Jago Dulu fotographer upload it...thx to Jago Dulu..

actually we struggled against them in 80 minutes...phew...

the French have a lot of ability to do field goal..they take most of penalty by kick and conversion...they only try 3= 15 points..and rest of it is conversion=6 points and one penalty try=6 points, because of Harwant Singh made obstruction..which make them total =27 points
during their points at 21..we leading at 25 points...during the fifth tried...its just 5 minutes left..so we taught we want delay time..defend till last..

then suddenly...(suspense mode)

one of our winger made mistake by unnecessary kick!!!
which make them tried at last 5 minutes...
they lead at 27-25..haiyo Wesley Masket...

last 2 minutes...

we played 'forward' only..we use excessively props..all from no1-no8...we run and hit..
run and hit again..we made around 80 yards..we dont pass to winger anymore..we only concentrate to 'forward'...we drive slowly..drive our last strength...
last 22 yards..danger zone of Jago Dulu..

and...we tried by Frances...thx man...hahahah...we won by 30-27 points..then ref end the war....
THANK U VERY MUCH to Muhammad Khalis..who took Captain armband and played as scrumhalf...our last try was his idea...

Alhamdulillah..we won it...
our bad is we lack of kicker..so every tried we made..we lost points against conversion..2 points lost...total try is 6..so we lost 12 points..if we can get conversion...12 points ahead them..haiya..we miss Hazim(most powerful; kicker i ever meet)
Yes i'm ready to do more and more tackles!!!

Clean Out...This is Our Ball Mate!

haaa...where u wanna go???come to papa
I've made a 30 yards run and stop by 3 french..hahahah..they leave me a lot of bruises

When u got tackled...Secure the ball is the main priority
(damn it..they stepped on me)

Run Adrian...run

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm touched

This is A. Karigalan...one of penerbit filem bebas...
why i put him in this post?haaa...
ini berkenaan sebuah cerita yang aku ikuti dari akhbar Utusan Malaysia beberapa minggu ini..
this guy, just lost his childran,Hareswarral, 1 and half years old.
this innocent child death due to human torture..or disambiguation...
so sad...innalillah wa innalillah hi rajiun...
this unfortunate child suffer from 6 ribs rupture,liver damage, head and genital injury.
it is believe the victim been strangled until death.
for me, this is unacceptable!! 1 n half years old man...apakah salah si dia?
did he steal your wife? or revenge to his father?
salam takziah buat A.Karigalan.
hope Hareswarral get his justice!!

that a preface of my entry.
today, 23 March 2010..I'm shocked..just after 19 days of his beloved taken away..
he decided to donate his two house for neglected child..
Mr.A Karigalan...I'm salute u dude...
you just have a really2 big heart...just 19 days and u decide for this...
he really concern about child abuse and baby dumping (is it correct?hentam jer lah)
seorang insan,bapa...rasa terpanggil pada kempen Kami Prihatin or We Care by Utusan Malaysia..just want to prevent it to happen again in future...
YES I'M TOUCHED by this news...
Ya Allah swt..hope u can give me such a big heart..

BUT....there is always 'but' in my entry..hahhaa..
recently...some people put this kempen to political interest...haiyo...

kempen gini pun nak link dgn politic ka?

yes i know..sumenya bermula dari asuhan keluarga..asuhan agama yang benar..
tapi for like this situation, pembuangan bayi...dan dera anak2...

dari kita berdebat, bertikam lidah about kerajaan tak bagi pelajaraan agama yang betul, blame ibu bapa yang kurang ada ajaran agama, dan anak2 remaja yang juga kurang ajaran agama dan kuat bersosial (bad ways)...why not..

why not..we as Malaysian..stick together..fight this crime..think and discuss in one table, how to prevent this from meluas..maybe kena banyakkan rumah2 perlindungan seperti apa yang di lakukan oleh lelaki di atas....so at least...at least..the child have future..they still have right to breath in this earth..

just think if one of your family member, face this situation...
for exp..your sister, terlanjur..will u blame ur parents?
or your sister?---> yes u can blame..but will it change everything?

then..what will u do next?
dumping the child?
anak2 itu tidak bersalah...suci...

what if u are the child?
i know the best thing is prevent than cure..
tapi sudah menjadi bubur lambok dah..

if u blame why kerajaan dont do Hudud..
blame it..
blame it and keep blame it...
but is that only your action?blame and mocking people who dah terlanjur..
pikir2kan lah...
sedih dan kecewa.....biler tgk bangsa sendiri gado2...

p/s: yes i knew everybody will not agree to this entry..its just a piece of my mind..about this kempen..Daripada kita membebel, bercakap pong pang pong pang...DO SOMETHING!!!

Yes I'm tired all about political bullshit in my country!

next post...Gaza Bleeding

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bandung Travel Advise....

Jom Jalan-Jalan Bandung..

People always ask me how Bandung?
Cold weather right?
so for this entry..i will review about Bandung a bit..
Since I'm studying here...a lot of place did I explored..
This picture representing about road here..quite busy..and always macet(low trafic flow)..
but still worth it for your vacation..for shopping and leisure..but for study...ermmm...think it twice..
The weather here around 23-26 degree Celsius..breezy but dusty..

The most place u need to visit is Tangkuban Parahu..
Is an active VOLCANO which produced a big huge danau ( lake or mere).A lot of smelly sulfur here.
Best place for photographer!!!!!hehehe
Some studies showed this volcano still can erupt anytime soon.
This place also have historical story about Sang Kuriangan who fall in love to his mother..
Before u reach here, there is a lot of pretty tea plantation,strawberry farm and hot spring Ciater.
You can pluck your own strawberry direct from here.
Hot spring is nice when u go at night..woooo

Besides that, Bandung also have a lot of Factory Outlet..or F.O. They sell a lot of high branded shirt like Armani, Zara and Versace here.
So FO is like Reject Shop..so u need to choose it carefully and is harder to find size..
for smaller people, is still worthit! U can get it around Rm 40 for Armani Shirt!
A lot of people come here to buy for present..hehehe..
The most popular FO here are..Grande, Rumah Mode, and the Secret..
This all FO is located in Jalan Dago and Jalan Riau.

Besides its heaven for shopping for women..
it also nice for men..they also sell a lot of leather shoes, bags, wallet and jacket..
From branded and high quality like Bally and Burberry..but..always double check it, because is factory outlet..
what i always remind my friends who come here..dont expect to much!!! Bandung also have a lot of mall if u not interested in FO..but the price always higher than Malaysia..
They have Paris Van Java (like The Curve), Istana Plaza in Pasir Kaliki, CiWalk in Cihampelas and Bandung Indah Plaza
The cinema is here also different!!
i like it!..the seats is more comfortable compare to TGV and GSC in Malaysia..and the shows always on time..two tumbs up..
Two Dominant cinema here is Blitz Megaplez and

Foods. for the foods i suggest Nasi Padang Simpang Raya and Nasi Padang Sederhana...is everywhere.
U also can try sundanese food like Roemah Nenek and Kampung Daun..
For Western..u can try The Valley.

This is The Valley. Located at uphill Dago Pakar.
Fromhere u can see the whole Bandung from uphill..nice view and environment here.
The price quite reasonable for the place.

If u looking for night hangout..i suggest Dago Plaza..and Amnesia in Ciwalk.

Dont forget to come to Pasar Baru...
This 6 stories mall with a lot of kain-kain which u can buy it for bundle which just cheap price...the bargain power play a main role here.
good bargain=nice price.
here, u can buy telekong, baju raya and even bridal cloth( betul ke ni).
for Invitation Wedding card, also cheap, more creative( than Malaysia) and nice!!!
But beware of pickpocket and who those with asthma, better prepare your inhaler because its humid and congested here.

enough for promotion..heheh
if u really want to come here, make sure u prepare what is it alike here..
  1. don't easily trust people, they like to manipulate u in sense of money..
  2. always try to bargain
  3. plenty of Musolla and Masjid..mostly Halal
  4. i suggest u travel around by renting a car with supir..( i got some really nice supir who i trust and good price rental car..contact me if u want further information)
  5. dont take taxi unless u really need it..they will charge it double.
  6. dont bring all your passport and important document along..its very dangerous.
for further information..email me at dr_royz87@yahoo.com.

p/s: i also offer some photography trip( i become a photographer la) if u want..day only..not night..but need to reschedule with my time.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bandung Rams....last friendly with ISCI Komodo

hola...this new entry is not for Bandung travel advise...
bandung travel advise will be in the next post...promise..because harder to find my recent picture about it in my file.,.hehhesince i reformat my lappy..

this post is about my rugby carrier..on 20 March 2010..saturday or yesterday..
we had friendly match between Bandung Rams vs ISCI Komodos
currently this game is conduct by Indonesian Rugby Football Union. Next week will be tournament which include 4 teams i guess..

why i play? Because i want to enhance my experience in this field since this game introduce to since i'm in boarding school..honnestly..its part of my life..i cant stop playing it mate..
match between ISCI Komodos is 40-30..we lost by two try...we still lack of experience than Komodos team which is totally Aussie and N.Z players there..very quality..very strong and most feared.
So i will not talk how we play..let those picture below tell u the story....right now...all part of my body aches and sore..all muscle is like want to explode...boom!!!arghhh...

This are all my gear...GEAR UP DUDE.
hmm...my position is PROPS or FORWARD...the one who always in the first row of scrum...yeah thats me with the orange shoes and blue socks...yes our team is blue team.see the opponent is all foreigner...white people since i also a foreigner but with sawo matang looking.
i'm playing for no.21...i should use no.1..but..the previous no.1 is koyak..hahaha

crouch...touch...pause..engage...argghhhh...ISCI SUCKS...hahaha..this my spell everytime i do scrums..

all of us collapse...because they like train....fuhhh
Come on guys...we can do this...no.21=me..

Khalis as a team captain, give a post-game talk...he's also Malaysian..3 heep heep hoorays for Bandung RAms..we learn a lot today..heepp heepp hooray.

me talking to khalis..discuss all the sweet moment when he got try by my assist..haahha..two people agains 4 i think..we did some mole...hahhathis is our strongest and fastest player..Wesley Masket.have caps for Indonesian teams..from PnG..papua new guinea...i think or Jayapura...its hard to distinguish because they look same...
see he drinks beer after game...happily...
although we(muslims) cant drink beer..but we play with them in same team...are we supporting beer??think about it..if wesley fall...i definitely support him..cover up..because we in same team..but am i supporting alkohol??almost all people in Bandung Rams drink a lot..because they not muslim...this also as my reason if i wear Carlsberg in Liverpool shirt...i dont support Carlsberg..but my heart at Anfield..i had Liverpool shirt since it sponnsered by Candy..then change to Carlsberg...hahha..so am i will change my team..just because of that..no...
...sorry about this last paragraph...some people in Malays Community always like this...just want to ban people without thinking...backstabbers and so on..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My blog..For...

hello...salam...reader(heheehe...are u there?)

my new post is about what my blog is..purpose and so on..
The Epicenter and Fissure...what is that?
hahah just name..earthquake..takda lebih, takde kurang...

i got a lot of questiona from my fren,like:
what purpose ko blogging?
nak share diary ker?
semangat gile nak write..
suka2 jer??hahaha..and so on..

oh..ok..these are among reason why i do blogging..

1st I just want to share to world what just 'terlintas di fikiran and hati'

-i knew i practice bad rojak language..hehe..this blog totally suka2..happiness..no emo blog...no emo post..actually ada satu emo post aku buat..if u check my last year archieve..but..its about my bestfriend got betrayal by my another bestfriend which actually dulu three of us bestfriend la jugak, dari schoolyear..kes berebut satu perempuan..backstab and so on..i'm too mad at that time,thats why i make that post..from now on, no emo post from this blog,why?
a)i dont want any sympathy to reader
b)make me bertambah dosa, because i spread the issue to outside
c)i'm got machismo enough, if i emo to that people i will try to confront him/her face to face besides make emo shout at FB or blog..and obviously Twitter la..(still sometimes i just forget about it if it happen to my guy frens..bcoz thats guy,besok lusa pasti lupa)

2nd I like reader to know what i found anything rare today.
-yeah as we know..kita pasti menghadapi macam2 rare thing everyday.plus i'm stuck in bandung for 4 years..so many culture exchange and different here..hell yeah i want to share to people.

3rd share my perfect vacation or holiday.
-ermm currently, no holiday, tight with exam+thesis+class+dota+stronghold+managing myself schedule.still last year i post about trip to Ujung Genting and Konvoi bikes to air terjun nearby.hopefully i can get out this hectic life and got some vacation just to lose up a bit.

4th about my rugby carrier..
- i played rugby here, among omputih and Indonesian, but lack of picture..i got dslr tapi besau la nak bawak plus i also play the game...harder to snap la kan..logic2.

5th my carrier in photography.

6th and everything just make up at my mind...
SHARING IS CARING...but dont sharing HIV la

to answer certain question abot my blog quotes "This is a neutral blog...no politics,sexual material,drugs,and religious debate. Its totally for happy n suka-suka...peace"

- why no politics... i hate politics, everywhere politics is dirty,everywhere.. tembak menebak..backstab and so on.ok stop till that.

-why no sexual material..i do use some F and Hell word sometimes but still i'm not pervert..

-why no religious thing..ok...i'm Muslim,for me why i dont like to post about my religion..because:
a) i'm still not good enough for that, currently still many things to learn. So i dont want people to misinterpret my religious post and malpractice it..bahaya tue.
b) today i'm found out many people 'kaitkan' all religious thing with politics. i mean by plitical interest. seriously, sometimes i confuse about it. so annoying dude. i knew politics and agama tak bleh pisahkan, dari Islam sampai ke agama2 lain..sume ada politics..but when it is mix by political interest..people bored man...and run away from that..but i still fan of Dr.Maza..and Dr Radzi (my batch)..although people still persuade(dr.Maza) him to join party,to comment all about current Islamic in issue in this country which is related to party..he will give jalan tengah answer..like this..

-why this blog not my diary although sharing is caring?
..simple..too much skeleton in my closet..too much dude...i respet mr skeleton there..wee

ok la..this blog will end..maybe i'll put some academic article also here..hope it will be useful.
for the next entry, its about Bandung..jalan2,shopping here and advise.
wait ya!

Monday, March 15, 2010

STMJ(Susu Telur Madu Jahe)

perghhh dingin betul malam ni...raining plus cold weather of Jatinangor Bandung....
my new post today is about STMJ...
susu telur madu dan jahe..mix together...jahe means halia or ginger...
it will say like this "milk-egg-honey-ginger"
can u imagine i just drank it 20 minutes ago...
actually ia adalah sejenis minuman yang dipakai oleh org2 di Indonesia saat sejuk...as pemanas badan...
its work dude....plus it gives u extra double energy...talk about calorie i think more than 25 000 calc kot...hahaha....
ini adalah gambarnye:

maybe u all think its yarks...euw...and geli...because of telur rite..raw egg man...
mula2 i also find it very disgusting...but...
bile dipikir2kan kembali...ermmm
the jahe smell and rase plus madu...very strong will sink the "telurish/eggish" thing...
trust me...
so smell ma...is like u drink jahe with madu only..
but...now i got excessive flatulence aka kentut...hahhaha...
buang angin la...whatever...i'm alone in my room...dont care...lalalala

Sunday, March 14, 2010

this is my TRIBESMATE

this is my tribesmate...the group known as Tribal Council
we stand together for 2 years untill most of us busy in thesis and private2 issue...
like AGM KUBI and so on...
actually we look alike family jugak...hahaha
What's about this tribal roy??
this tribal is study group actually...we go through thick and thin...
TRIBAL COUNCIL is our group name...dedicated from survivor...whenever people disobey the instruction...u will vote to hell..hahha
Just like survivor game...always must follow the majority..
every single people here have they're own 'keras kepala"...so the most wise things...
soon...we will be finish our theories years..and we will head to CO-Assistand in main hospital...
hope we will stick together...until we graduate together...(betul ker ayat aku ni)
no hard feeling..no tears and no oprah things...ok?
actually i got ethical exam at 1.00 o'clock...what the hell i'm doing here...gosh...
wish me luck....
adios amigos....
*as usual...all the grammar error up here..i'm sorry for that...that will happen when i type in english...

Friday, March 12, 2010

final moment...here it comes

post aku yang baru..
pasal aku dapat menang pertandingan anjuran PDI..KUBI..
after long moment...it comes...masa AGM baru dapat..thx to farid..ko kotakan janji2 mu...

i got Rp 200k=rm 75 kot..here as juara..takper...
this my momento...i win it...first win as life as photographer sambilan...
yup i proud to myself..here...unfortunately...gambar ni penah hilang dulu atas virus2 bodoh yang merosak laptop aku..tapi...tapi..aku sempat la print...so gambar2 disini sume aku recapture back and edit a bit..seems my room lighting so poor..hehehe
so gambar dia tak secanggih tempoh hari..wee..

ehmm...mase aku tangkap2 gambar2 ni...baru aku sedar...aku tak change white balance lagi..ahhaha...so kuning2 skit...malas la kau nak alter...so aku biar jer...nampak artistic plak...

actually aku harap gambar ni yang menang...then gambar diatas lak menang...gambar jagjit nak sepak dari belakang..yang aku ada bubuh envelop juara tuh...hahaha...
nak buat mcm mane..judge ada taste lain ye dak...
aku tetap bersyukur..ini menambah semangat aku sebagai perjalanan penuh dugaan as photographer...hanya menggunakan KIT LENS saja...hahha...thx to my sifu...REZA ZAHEDI...byk encourage aku...dia dapat 2nd place..heeheh...i bit u sifu...nanti aku ajar ko silhoute....

last but not least...
this picture below is my final touch before the rainy season come..so tak leh tangkap gambo...heheheh....
this call silhoute picture...mmg kena cari moment dan timing yang tepat..sedikit touch up and white balance..it helps me build this...bye korang...

mengeletar la jugak aku taip..kata dah lama tak blogging
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