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Friday, January 9, 2009


hmm..its takes few days to make this article...yeah practice make perfect!

1)It's common for many women to believe lies about men and commitment. If you have not been very successful in your relationships with men,maybe this article can help you,not just for women but guy too...(did really guy dont have commitment)

2)Generally, men have to take a journey to get to where they'll want to commit to a woman long-term. Having sex will not necessarily determine whether a man wants a woman for a long-term partner.

3)We are often sold lies about how to understand men in the media.... in magazines, and in our culture. Big businesses want to make a profit from you having a surface knowledge about men. If you read a headline that appeals to your desire to want a man to fall head over heels in love with you.. more than likely you'll want to buy.

4)Here's the secret that you're not told. Men commit to women all of the time. They want commitment as much as you do and they will do anything if a woman can trigger a deep desire to commit to her...... Anything!!!

5)When a man finds a woman who responds to awaken him...... he will not want to let her go. He'll do whatever it takes to make sure she knows he's into her and will be driven to make her a permanent part of his life.

6)You just have to express the traits that will cause men to beg for more. Every woman can learn how to naturally bring a man to fall in love. Remember... you can bring a man to the tipping point where he'll become absolutely crazy and madly in love with you.(but dont play with his feeling...i'm warning you!!!)

7)But as i said in my previous topic..its about time..time and love cant be separated!

8)But we as human must not forget.."Love Is From God Almighty..ALLAH"..so thank to god first then thank to your beloved one..

Love makes time pass; time makes love pass.


duchess11 is DiBaH said...

wowww..byak nye point2 u? xpe..skarg bce point i plak..hehehe..

1 - hmm..guy n commitment mmg xngam la..bak kate org indon 'gak nyambung dongggg' hhehehe..

2 - yeah? we'll see bout dat ok..

3 - magazines nk sell kan..mesti ade bahan nk tarik pmbace..and magazine pompuan mesti ckap psal boys n men kan? agreed on this point!

4 - wow...anything? cam lagu Jojo la plak..pnah dgr? best kan!! hehehh..

5 - hmmm....mcm kejar bas kan? *winkwink*

6 - agreed with u on dis!! dont play with feelings and heart..x baek,dosa tau!!

7 n 8 - yeap! yeap! love is from god..and to him we send all our gratittude nonetheless..=)

btw...jgn marah ye komen yg pjg lebar nih...the right to speak kan? hehehe...=p

dr hakim said...

the right to speak....
hmmm....yeah watever it is..
i stand by my point

duchess11 is DiBaH said...

tau la tuan pnye blog..=p

Anonymous said...

erm..guess i'm not late to share some thoughts? i think ur post might be relevant..men as always, are hard to be understand..thanks to u 4 sharing da little secret of men...hehe..maybe men can be seen as complicated? (as what most men would say about women too)..hehe..but 1 thing, how could u tell somebody u love them, but still don't wanna commit? if i referred to ur post, maybe the guy is still not ready? (considering the time factor & dat long journey..hehe)or dat woman does not trigger the desire well enough?? but love seems 2 be closely related 2 commitment, agree? so how can u tell her u luv her but can't commit, regardless the time factor? here's where i think about the purpose of loving at da 1st place...

p/s: do reply if u hv da time..u may also read my post on friendster's blog..

duchess11 is DiBaH said...

uikk...kak ika? anda kah itu?
zirconia kan?

Anonymous said...

yup dibah..dis is me..hehe

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