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Friday, September 23, 2011

my 6th roll cross process xchrome 100

helo...and salam
this is my 6th roll
firstly i thought it was a waste
banyak yang blur and shaking
stress jugak la
only 34 yang success
and tinggal yang ini sahaja cantik..lain semua gelap
what to do..learn from mistake jer la
but when i see this pic back
kind of catchy la jugak these pics..hahah
ok enjoy...wait korang kena pasang lagu duck sauce-barbra streisand
baru layan tgk this pic

i Love London Beg

"what more u ask after a long tiring day? rokok, blackberry and kopi" dr Sena Hadeaih

one of Indonesia Identity...Teh Botol Sosro

multiple exposure...unexpected

Otai habis ni budak sekolah ni..naik motor ni

syarikat keretapi indonesia...im sad bcoz not really sharp..urgh

they eat this man....egg skin...euww

yes we live in Gang( lorong2)...pathetics..merantau beb..

ghost effect i guess...what is this?

seriously no idea how this happen..hahahah

multiple exposure of my gf with her soft toy


i dont expect this..urgh

i like this...school boys here..they wear red and white uniform..just like the're national flags...
we should follow this!

drumroll.....the winner of this roll is...tada....hahaha..taken on the bandung bridge...i totally like it...hahaha..

ok...u know why all of this banyak yang gegar?
becoz i just realize it
my holga still in bulp setting...thats why la..
so it produce long exposure...
and tendency to shake is high man.....

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