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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Lucid Lomo Dream...

Who is  Sigmund Freud?
A Neurologist from Austria, who mastering in psycho analysis.
If u in medical school, S.Freud is very popular in Kaplan books.
He develops theory in dreams, bizarre dreams, repression and ego..and so on so on.....

"Part of the dispute here arises in connection with explaining the bizarre characteristics of dreams. According
to those critical of Freud, dreams are “bizarre because of the loss of the organizing capacity of the
brain, not because of an elaborate disguise mechanism that rids an internal stimulus of an unacceptable meaning . .” (Hobson & Pace-Schott, 1999, p. 211)."

After watching Inception for 3rd time..
I start try to live,smell and feel alive in every dream,
Trying to catched and memorized it..it was hard though.

On 6 March 2012...in hot sunny day, going to rooftop,
Try to imagine every detail,and concept in my dream.
I closed my eyes, take a deep breath, i jumped into my mind, very deep,
Started to feel high about it, with "kereteks Djarum Super" in between my fingers.
I take my film (Kodak superia 200)
With Lomo Holga 135 bc...
I watch the sun, try to manipulate every little detail of light that can give an unwanted effects to my film

This what i got...very lucid...is like smoking weed if i'm a painter
From my rooftop

sky is turqoise or green..dafuq

always wanted to take picture of windmill.close enough!

hahaha...i dont know this man

is a time machine...erk

my only and most powerful jamban ever!

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