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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the FILM VS DIGITAL SLR. From my point of view

Hello and Salam guys. Peace upon you. 

   Last night my friends come and pay visit at my  room, very small room, stay here for 2 years, finishing my remaining 1 years in Indonesia to get my medical degree. could you imagine that? 3x4 meters with toilet inside for around Rp 7.5 millions/ RM 3000 / USD 750 per year. Very cheap but can you imagine, i stay in 3x4 meters, claustrophobic, for whole year, and I will feel home when Eid is coming, because i can go back to Malaysia. Home sweet home. 
  Because of this current situation, I decided to get a new hobby. Outdoor hobby. 
Oh maybe I can try mount climbing?cool right..Indonesian people call it "cowo abis" means "so manhood".
Oh maybe I can try swimming?since swimming pool here so cheap and lots of amoeba.haha
Oh maybe I can try kayaking? very cool and I knew I will get six pack from that.
Oh maybe I can try cycling? hmmm 
Oh maybe I can try ..try.. photography?hehehe

  Okay first of all, I"m currently living in Indonesia, tropical country, which is rain is synonym here. For the whole year. So my outdoor hobby is limited!
Mount climbing?are you sure? u will get slip on it.
Swimming? I'm ain't fish or Micheal Phelps
Kayaking? medical student to go to kayaking every Sunday? trust me its so hard.
Cycling?blame the rain lah.

 So i choose photography, instead of indoor I can go outdoor..
Besides I start to love this hobby at age of 15 years old when I'm in boarding school.
By using this camera.
But i don't know where is it now?hahahha
So at year of 2008, I decided to purchase DSLR. Olympus E-520 with kit lens.
A bit expensive but I think I can manage it.
But, I don't know why I can ever satisfied to myself bout this camera
Why man? why? Is like lack of something here..
Seriously...I don't know its either the Olympus Brand or I just not into it.
Around 4 years using this camera. Have a bad and good times. Oh by the way, my friends come and want to borrow this Olympus and asked me about why I choose photography and why I change to film camera back.
Is like going back to the future.hahaha

Ok back to the main question first. Why is  photography? why?
Honestly I just want to look cool...yep seriously!
Wandering around the street or any big dinner in hotel, having DSLR in your neck.
Burden with weight until got neck pain. Its so pain in the ass.
And besides at that time, everybody has it! So I also want it! How on earth I'm so stupid?

And the burden not only in neck, but burden with responsibility.
People ask me to take picture. And when they look at the result, they will say 
" hey why the pics a bit blur?"
" I think I want more close up pic" My girlfriend always do this! urghhhh
" why like this? why like that?"
" I think it is because of Olympus lah, you should get Nikon" I hate this so much!
" can you upload it? so I can put on Facebook" ahahhaah this one funny.
So can you see the burden here?
 But within 4 years time I won 1 local competittion.
Got various and a lot of picture. I mean eye stunning pictures

1st Local Competition won

These are my top pictures taken in Bali 2010. By DSLR. so Olympus E-520 still not bad. Its just need more touch and passion. So the question "why not Nikon?" is not appropriate for me though.
The best thing about photography is moment! Every picture tells me everything. That's what I want. Because i want when I'm old, my kids asked me "papa, where is this?" "ohhh Bali 2010"
See...its moment that you never forget and you will smile for the whole day.
That's what photography means! 
Really?  YES!!!!

I tell you why?
when you using DSLR,
ISO,Aperture, Metering,white balace, Autofocus, Image Stabilizer, Shutter Speed..
All of this function can be set as auto, semi auto or manual.
And most of my picture I used as try and error.
If I don't like it, delete it, try again.
And I never learnt. 
Until I met my first film camera, LOMO version, Holga 135 bc!!!

Why toycam? Because toy camera available so far, analog its hard to find; but its still film.
 For film, every film have it own ISO
Every film have it own characteristics; Redscale, slides and so on.
Every film camera, you can't delete it like DSLR.
So every picture means everything to you. By the way, you can't edit it on Photoshop!
No try and error method here; just shoot, process it and learn from it!
From film camera,
I feel appreciate :
  1. ISO
  2. Appertue
  3. Shutter Speed
  4. when to use flash
  5. You don't simply shoot, but you try to find perfect angle to shoot!
  6. You will appreciate more in your subject and background!
  7. Last but not least is, you will say this " ahhhh I love this moment" when you using film.
Ok lets see what My Top Pics from LOMO FILM.
from my 1st roll

I will end this article right now. Because tomorrow got exam.
I will continue more about Film Vs DSLR.
All Pro's and Con's
Every detail.
Okay Sayonara...



SnowFish said...

Cantik! I agree but I just started to use DSLR =) Nikon. LOL. But film is still my <3

dr hakim said...

no matter what u used...
the important is always a momment..hehhehe
by the way Nikon so great!!!!

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