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Friday, October 21, 2011

My Ancestor Analogue : Canon FTb

Salam and good morning guys..
Just woke up from Futsal Hangover last night, from 10 pm to 1 am.So tired...
Okay..Let me show u my new ancestor Analogue.Canon FTb!
Because of recently I been poisoned by Eric Kim .Who is he?
He is street photography from LA..still shot black and white..and most of his picture in analogue film..
That's really inspiring me much.
And suddenly this Canon FTb appear..tada!!
Where I get it? don't ask. But surely not from stealing..That's why i called it Anchestor
Is she beautiful?
Taken by my Blackberry and i just lost weight from 94 kg to 86kg
 within 2 weeks
This Canon FTb

What is street photography?
There is no accurate or definite definition in dictionary. But it synonym to you capture a moment of people,couple,animals, and anything on street. And it reflects to some stories. 
Not every street photography must be candid, or shoot from the hip, but normal shoot also accepted as long as you close enough to subject.
What i mean by close enough?
You know the subject, who he is, what is doing right now, and what the most strong in his mind: current politics?money? pension? child?
That's what I mean from street. But if you have your own definition, you are welcome to put it on my comment.

Fresh Vegetable

A guy try to break the coconut by axe

out of focused but I like it because the man behind try
whisper something I guess

chicken and meat

This two guys request me for this shot. And they want
me two put in front page of news paper. LOL

Look at this picture after this...you will understand

either they want to buy chickens or corruption deal?

Since Bandung hard to get seafood, most of fish here is Freshwater Fish.
And I'm dying to eat seafood here.

Buy and sell.Yeah that is tiny carrot.

around the market

i love this one..So street photography


cycle rickshaw and bike. Two significant civilization

thx to Hafiz, my friend!!This make my mind blow

this is "lorong" around my house (rent)

 Most of my picture i take two shot for same situation. Since this is a first roll trial for Canon FTb. I bit doubt is it functioning? So those pictures above is TRY AND ERROR method. Hahaha
For me actually, not bad. Canon FTb is manufactured around 1960 and right now is like, 50 years old..and it still can produce wonderful moment. except still most of it out of focus. Yes im sad about it, need to learn more about this.
It is hard to get focus in street shot because the subject and moment is only there for a second. If u miss it, u will miss it forever.
Yes i need to learn more!!

Okay most valuable pictures of this roll is....
I can't decide which one is better...

Gear : Canon FTb, with 50 mm lens f: 1.4
Film : black and white trimax ISO 400
Location : Morning market ant Jalan Suci (opposite POSDAI)



Suara Asura said...


respect bro..
mgm nice black and white dia..apsal nampak mcm hue and saturation tinggi? nampak ala-ala 3D pun ada..
sebab film ke sbb setting?

so now ko ada 3 camera film/analog
1 holga, 1 canon dan 1 nikkor?

jeles la ni..nak kena cari jugak ni satu slr..hehe

dr hakim said...

ok canon FTb ni zaman jepun Asura..so light meter dah kong.aku pakai shutter 1/1000 and F 1.4..cari time cuaca paling terik..sbb tu jadi gitu kot...ntah arr..

mmg leh buat contrast and etc kat photoshop, but aku tak buat sbb aku anti photoshop..kalau rosak, belajar lagi..

oh aku ada DSLR gak..Olympus e-520..esok petang gambar dari Nikkor siap..tggu....

Suara Asura said...

bro..mana gambar from nikkor ni?
btw, gua dah angkut nikon FM10..huhuhu..35mm format..so now dah ada 3 la..holga 120 CFN, yashica-D dgn nikon fm10..jom cari lagi bro...

dr hakim said...

Baru post bro...heheheh
sibuk sikit
hahahah..mantap lah analogue lover..mana gambar ko?nak tgk gak...
FM 10 tue mantap tu...
hari ada org tawar..mahal sangat
dpt lens brapa?

Suara Asura said...

Salam..lens standard 35-70..baru masuk film.belum nak abis cuci lagi..

kalau nak tgk gmbr check my flickr la..


p/s i know u frm someone i know jugak

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