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Friday, October 14, 2011

the FILM VS DIGITAL SLR. From my point of view part 2

Hello and salam guys.
Ok lets continue about what's the different between film and dslr.

What will you get on DSLR?

Picture taken by DSLR (credit to Reza Zahedi)

Macro Picture by Olypus E-520

  1.  Save a money, because you can delete every time you not satisfied.
  2. You can take a lot/multiple of picture at the same object.
  3. For sport and action, its really useful and good seem you want to catch every move' exp: Cristiano Ronaldo dribbling the ball in the field. (like picture above)
  4. You are master of point of focus and you can use auto focus!! Where you can make a lot of highly sharp pictures.
  5. You are master of white balance picture, so you can manipulate the weather.
  6. You can manipulate the screen (canon D600) for certain hard angle.
  7. Produce a magnificent of macro picture.
  8. If you are publishing in print or Internet or email you already know how great it is to have your files ready to go right from the camera.

Then, what will you get on Film?

Multiple Exposure Panoramic (holga 135bc)
La Sardina Custom ed
  1. You don't even care about the megapixel !
  2. I f you use toycam, it's very cheap,light and customized!
  3. You will appreciate every moment you captured, because you can't delete it!
  4. You mind will automatically adapt to every weather to set " how much ISO? ASA? Shutter Speed? Aperture?" because there is no room for you to delete if you misunderstood the light!
  5. Every time you process your film, its like adrenaline rush around your body, waiting the result!
  6.  It will make you more creative to select the subject and object!
  7. You will appreciate your picture! (trust me). You don't even care about contrast, saturation and level. Its all about moment.
  8. So far I knew, you cant edit your negative! So no Photoshop, and people cant accuse you for being fake!
  9.  You can do multiple exposure directly from your film camera ! In DSLR you can do it on Photoshop.
  10. If you make mistakes, you get no laughing at or criticism; instead you are encouraged by people who will tell you this is a happy mistake or accident.
 So actually no matter what camera you used, If you can feel every moment in it, that's enough.
The most important think, we must learn in every aspect in camera we have so we wont too fool to machines.
See ya..
happy holiday

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