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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bandung Travel Advise....

Jom Jalan-Jalan Bandung..

People always ask me how Bandung?
Cold weather right?
so for this entry..i will review about Bandung a bit..
Since I'm studying here...a lot of place did I explored..
This picture representing about road here..quite busy..and always macet(low trafic flow)..
but still worth it for your vacation..for shopping and leisure..but for study...ermmm...think it twice..
The weather here around 23-26 degree Celsius..breezy but dusty..

The most place u need to visit is Tangkuban Parahu..
Is an active VOLCANO which produced a big huge danau ( lake or mere).A lot of smelly sulfur here.
Best place for photographer!!!!!hehehe
Some studies showed this volcano still can erupt anytime soon.
This place also have historical story about Sang Kuriangan who fall in love to his mother..
Before u reach here, there is a lot of pretty tea plantation,strawberry farm and hot spring Ciater.
You can pluck your own strawberry direct from here.
Hot spring is nice when u go at night..woooo

Besides that, Bandung also have a lot of Factory Outlet..or F.O. They sell a lot of high branded shirt like Armani, Zara and Versace here.
So FO is like Reject Shop..so u need to choose it carefully and is harder to find size..
for smaller people, is still worthit! U can get it around Rm 40 for Armani Shirt!
A lot of people come here to buy for present..hehehe..
The most popular FO here are..Grande, Rumah Mode, and the Secret..
This all FO is located in Jalan Dago and Jalan Riau.

Besides its heaven for shopping for women..
it also nice for men..they also sell a lot of leather shoes, bags, wallet and jacket..
From branded and high quality like Bally and Burberry..but..always double check it, because is factory outlet..
what i always remind my friends who come here..dont expect to much!!! Bandung also have a lot of mall if u not interested in FO..but the price always higher than Malaysia..
They have Paris Van Java (like The Curve), Istana Plaza in Pasir Kaliki, CiWalk in Cihampelas and Bandung Indah Plaza
The cinema is here also different!!
i like it!..the seats is more comfortable compare to TGV and GSC in Malaysia..and the shows always on time..two tumbs up..
Two Dominant cinema here is Blitz Megaplez and

Foods. for the foods i suggest Nasi Padang Simpang Raya and Nasi Padang Sederhana...is everywhere.
U also can try sundanese food like Roemah Nenek and Kampung Daun..
For Western..u can try The Valley.

This is The Valley. Located at uphill Dago Pakar.
Fromhere u can see the whole Bandung from uphill..nice view and environment here.
The price quite reasonable for the place.

If u looking for night hangout..i suggest Dago Plaza..and Amnesia in Ciwalk.

Dont forget to come to Pasar Baru...
This 6 stories mall with a lot of kain-kain which u can buy it for bundle which just cheap price...the bargain power play a main role here.
good bargain=nice price.
here, u can buy telekong, baju raya and even bridal cloth( betul ke ni).
for Invitation Wedding card, also cheap, more creative( than Malaysia) and nice!!!
But beware of pickpocket and who those with asthma, better prepare your inhaler because its humid and congested here.

enough for promotion..heheh
if u really want to come here, make sure u prepare what is it alike here..
  1. don't easily trust people, they like to manipulate u in sense of money..
  2. always try to bargain
  3. plenty of Musolla and Masjid..mostly Halal
  4. i suggest u travel around by renting a car with supir..( i got some really nice supir who i trust and good price rental car..contact me if u want further information)
  5. dont take taxi unless u really need it..they will charge it double.
  6. dont bring all your passport and important document along..its very dangerous.
for further information..email me at dr_royz87@yahoo.com.

p/s: i also offer some photography trip( i become a photographer la) if u want..day only..not night..but need to reschedule with my time.


dr hakim said...

sorry for this post...not as i expected will appear like this..hope u can understand

~piNkylixiOuz~ said...

totally underst0od.hehe..
i g0t a l0t of inf0 here.
can't wait t0 sh0p there.+_-

Munirah Zainuddin said...

looking forward to go back there!
i'm going to aceh this may/june

dr hakim said...

wow bestnye pg aceh

Munirah Zainuddin said...

haha.tak tau la best ke tak.
aku ikut abah aku je.

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