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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bandung Rams vs Jago Dulu (the French)

23 march 2010...Tournament for rugby 15-side started...so our game start against Jago Dulu (played by The French who work in Indonesia)
the game started around 530 pm...weee..
Below is Jago Dulu Badges which they choose the Ayam's or Rooster as mascot..
our teams use Rams or kambing gurun,.heheehe
this is most amazing match that i ever played in my life..haha..we won..how?
IT'S COMEBACK!!!! we comeback at very last minute....last 2 minutes actually...


Before i tell u more about the game..firstly let me show u our brand new jersey..see...red color..and i played for no.8 for the first time..like Rodney So'oialo...hahaha..like him!!!!played no.8 for all blacks for life man!!

this are some of pictures taken...i found it at Facebook..hahaha..some of Jago Dulu fotographer upload it...thx to Jago Dulu..

actually we struggled against them in 80 minutes...phew...

the French have a lot of ability to do field goal..they take most of penalty by kick and conversion...they only try 3= 15 points..and rest of it is conversion=6 points and one penalty try=6 points, because of Harwant Singh made obstruction..which make them total =27 points
during their points at 21..we leading at 25 points...during the fifth tried...its just 5 minutes left..so we taught we want delay time..defend till last..

then suddenly...(suspense mode)

one of our winger made mistake by unnecessary kick!!!
which make them tried at last 5 minutes...
they lead at 27-25..haiyo Wesley Masket...

last 2 minutes...

we played 'forward' only..we use excessively props..all from no1-no8...we run and hit..
run and hit again..we made around 80 yards..we dont pass to winger anymore..we only concentrate to 'forward'...we drive slowly..drive our last strength...
last 22 yards..danger zone of Jago Dulu..

and...we tried by Frances...thx man...hahahah...we won by 30-27 points..then ref end the war....
THANK U VERY MUCH to Muhammad Khalis..who took Captain armband and played as scrumhalf...our last try was his idea...

Alhamdulillah..we won it...
our bad is we lack of kicker..so every tried we made..we lost points against conversion..2 points lost...total try is 6..so we lost 12 points..if we can get conversion...12 points ahead them..haiya..we miss Hazim(most powerful; kicker i ever meet)
Yes i'm ready to do more and more tackles!!!

Clean Out...This is Our Ball Mate!

haaa...where u wanna go???come to papa
I've made a 30 yards run and stop by 3 french..hahahah..they leave me a lot of bruises

When u got tackled...Secure the ball is the main priority
(damn it..they stepped on me)

Run Adrian...run


Muhammad Khalis said...

Nice game, nice spirit and nice win!!Keep the spirit high lads!!Minggu depan ko pulak buat try roy,haha..

encik taik0 said...

macho sial gambar ko kena tackle.tapi kalo ko x jatuh lagi macho arr..haha

3rdmarch said...


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