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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My blog..For...

hello...salam...reader(heheehe...are u there?)

my new post is about what my blog is..purpose and so on..
The Epicenter and Fissure...what is that?
hahah just name..earthquake..takda lebih, takde kurang...

i got a lot of questiona from my fren,like:
what purpose ko blogging?
nak share diary ker?
semangat gile nak write..
suka2 jer??hahaha..and so on..

oh..ok..these are among reason why i do blogging..

1st I just want to share to world what just 'terlintas di fikiran and hati'

-i knew i practice bad rojak language..hehe..this blog totally suka2..happiness..no emo blog...no emo post..actually ada satu emo post aku buat..if u check my last year archieve..but..its about my bestfriend got betrayal by my another bestfriend which actually dulu three of us bestfriend la jugak, dari schoolyear..kes berebut satu perempuan..backstab and so on..i'm too mad at that time,thats why i make that post..from now on, no emo post from this blog,why?
a)i dont want any sympathy to reader
b)make me bertambah dosa, because i spread the issue to outside
c)i'm got machismo enough, if i emo to that people i will try to confront him/her face to face besides make emo shout at FB or blog..and obviously Twitter la..(still sometimes i just forget about it if it happen to my guy frens..bcoz thats guy,besok lusa pasti lupa)

2nd I like reader to know what i found anything rare today.
-yeah as we know..kita pasti menghadapi macam2 rare thing everyday.plus i'm stuck in bandung for 4 years..so many culture exchange and different here..hell yeah i want to share to people.

3rd share my perfect vacation or holiday.
-ermm currently, no holiday, tight with exam+thesis+class+dota+stronghold+managing myself schedule.still last year i post about trip to Ujung Genting and Konvoi bikes to air terjun nearby.hopefully i can get out this hectic life and got some vacation just to lose up a bit.

4th about my rugby carrier..
- i played rugby here, among omputih and Indonesian, but lack of picture..i got dslr tapi besau la nak bawak plus i also play the game...harder to snap la kan..logic2.

5th my carrier in photography.

6th and everything just make up at my mind...
SHARING IS CARING...but dont sharing HIV la

to answer certain question abot my blog quotes "This is a neutral blog...no politics,sexual material,drugs,and religious debate. Its totally for happy n suka-suka...peace"

- why no politics... i hate politics, everywhere politics is dirty,everywhere.. tembak menebak..backstab and so on.ok stop till that.

-why no sexual material..i do use some F and Hell word sometimes but still i'm not pervert..

-why no religious thing..ok...i'm Muslim,for me why i dont like to post about my religion..because:
a) i'm still not good enough for that, currently still many things to learn. So i dont want people to misinterpret my religious post and malpractice it..bahaya tue.
b) today i'm found out many people 'kaitkan' all religious thing with politics. i mean by plitical interest. seriously, sometimes i confuse about it. so annoying dude. i knew politics and agama tak bleh pisahkan, dari Islam sampai ke agama2 lain..sume ada politics..but when it is mix by political interest..people bored man...and run away from that..but i still fan of Dr.Maza..and Dr Radzi (my batch)..although people still persuade(dr.Maza) him to join party,to comment all about current Islamic in issue in this country which is related to party..he will give jalan tengah answer..like this..

-why this blog not my diary although sharing is caring?
..simple..too much skeleton in my closet..too much dude...i respet mr skeleton there..wee

ok la..this blog will end..maybe i'll put some academic article also here..hope it will be useful.
for the next entry, its about Bandung..jalan2,shopping here and advise.
wait ya!


zirconia said...

ko rjn berblogging blk ye skrg..bgus2...

fiza said...

da baca =)
sorry semalam dekat bandung waktu hakim msg tu.
btw selamat berblogging

Ibnu Hashim said...

ni lagu yg x bleh bla ni.. nk yg legend je.. aahahaha...

dr hakim said...

zirconia...heheheh...sajer2 jer membersihkan sarang2 di blog..
fiza...heheheh...fiza nak link blog u
ibnu...lagu mesti mau legend la ibnu..baru layan

bellar0ssa said...

huhu aku pun tertanya2 kenapa aku berblogging..

taik0 said...

don't share HIV.keep it to yourself.haha

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