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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

4 little details men notice about women........

They say the "devil is in the details," but the other night, my friends (awang n taiko ) and I were scanning the PVJ (Paris Van Java) and noticing minor things about women. After reflecting on our observations, I put together four small things that guys notice that they don't often point out to women. Here they are:


I study a girl's hands pretty intensely. Beautiful hands can portray daintiness and strength at the same time. I notice manicures, and complexion. I imagine what it's like to hold them.I even watch how a girl grips things. There are definitely different objects and shapes that look amazing in a girl's hands, such as a glass. A glass has delicate curves that play off a woman's hands. When I notice fingers that are appealing tome, I imagine how those fingertips would feel.

2)Baju Kurung and Attire

So I wouldn't say it's a "little thing". But clothes can do simple actions that can evoke powerful emotions.One thing's for sure: this girl really knows how to take care of and do her clothes.The indescribable motion that took place in her clothes was beautiful. I even noticed that a random guy we passed turned his head and looked. I didn't realize until the day was over, but seeing that gust of wind go through women's clothes put me in a good mood the rest of the day. So, while appearance is a big deal, little random moments can create big, great things.But the most beautiful is a girl with baju kurung..looks so natural and "wonderfulicious"..Ouch!!

3)Attitude Towards Others

At the restaurants, I keep a close eye on how women treats a waiter or hostess. Does she say "thanks," and generally act polite and respectful? Sometimes I feel as if I'm overly cordial to people: I wish them a nice day and always make sure to say "thanks." But, what makes a woman has to do with more than just how she treats me. A person with a beautiful personality treats everyone nicely and respectfully. It's fun to be out with a girl and watch her make people smile from afar. It makes me feel proud and lucky that if I'm with her. It's already an amazing thing if I meet a girl that can brighten my days. But if this girl brightens everyone's days, then I'm even luckier.

4) What Does She Notice?

What little things does a woman notice or point out? If we go to a Bandung, for example,does she notice something in the background set? Does she notice the couple in front of us that are very much in love?You can share big thoughts and ideas with one another, but sometimes you can learn a lot about a person just by the details they notice in life and moments. It is a fun adventure if you going out with someone who can laugh at and notice little things, and who always brings new insights to different situations.

Once I realized that I was noticing little things, I came to the conclusion that little simple moments are just part of overall beauty. Beauty can be defined in a collection of moments, or memories more often than it can be defined by someone's appearance.

Seeing a girl across the tutorial room, holding a glass or bottle with pretty hands and making people smile, or a moment in the morning where the wind runs through a girl's clothes, or a girl I'm noticing someone walking by in a Members Only jacket, are simple moments that should never be taken for granted.

What is a little thing (appearance, moment or personality)that you notice in a guy that is a simple, beautiful thing,huh??nice what....


Dr.Radzi said...

ingatkan ko copy paste. (rugila wat blog if copypaste.) hehe, just nice bro...keep it up. write something to make people think. to benefit others. insyaAllah akan ada ganjarannya..=)

encik taik0 said...

akhirnya kami bisa berbangga!
berbangga apabila munculnya seorang blogger di balai polis!
YEAH! dr hakim
nice entry for a starter.
keep on writing.

Anonymous said...

well done!!!
*aku da antar nih..heh
nnti buat la lagi bnyk2,
bleh aku bc bnyk skit..:)

*camna nak letak nm kat ats tu..
rs cam org yg ada blog ja leh letak..huhu
tapi tak kesahla..
hg tau kan sapa antaq nih..hee

fatin comel said...

hahhaaa~ u wont notice dat on me!!!
"Seeing a girl across the tutorial room, holding a glass or bottle with PREETY HANDS and MAKING PEOPLE SMILE???

hehehe...da soft side of u..cayalah roy!! blogger ehh??

good luck! ^_^

Anonymous said...

i must say..i'm impressed..really impressed with ur ability to put the words 2getha just nicely..and i'm impressed bout ur observations too...do u really meant dat men did dat? or jz u, as a man?? hehe..

~prema~ said...

thts such a beautiful work...seriously..i'm suprised to c a guy expressing such intense admiration thru such delicate words tht can add rhyme to wat I'm reading..very nice..to c the better part of guy every gal would admire..pls post more of these kind...

fizafreak said...

"It's already an amazing thing if I meet a girl that can brighten my days. But if this girl brightens everyone's days, then I'm even luckier."

so sweet.....
suke ayat ni... nak copy simpan dalam otak buley? huhuhu....
nice words H... nanti if ade new post kite bace lagi k.... hehehe.... chaiyok!!!!

PS: weee.... da bace da blog H... n da comment jugak!!! lalalala....

Anonymous said...

best ar..
nanti ko post lg eh..
ak nk bace lg

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