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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Liar liar....

Why do husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends lie to each other?

It's not pleasant to think about being betrayed by someone you love. No one likes to think that a husband or wife may be lying, especially not in their own relationship.

And it's probably safe to assume that everyone wants a close, romantic relationship that is built on openness, intimacy and trust.

But despite our best intentions, our close relationships do not always work that way. Often, our romantic relationships involve some secrecy and deception.
So, why do people lie to those they love?

There are lots of reasons behind people telling lies. Although each reason might be different from the other, all of them stem from one root; being unable to bear the consequences of telling the truth.

Lack of courage, lack of problem-solving skills & lack of ability to properly handle unexpected events may make escaping a situation a much better option than facing it. If the person values honesty or if he is religiously observant then he may try to escape the situation without lying. If lying is an option then it will definitely be considered the easier way out.

Consequently, lying is the combination of being unable to face the results of honesty and the lack of proper values;the tolerance of lying.

so honestly...wat u all tink?huh?


~prema~ said...

at times u jus got to opt to lie..coz of certain situation...yess its true tht its a manner of avoiding a situation..but i believ..even if u had to say tht lie at tht particular frame of time..u can always tell the truth at any one point n although it wil create some pressuring situation..it would strengthen the trust in relationships...so it sums up to an equation..everything happens for a reason...

duchess11 is DiBaH said...

it makes me think of something...
[ko yg suro pkir kan..]

kalo kite xbgtahu,kite sembunyi kan,
adekah tu menipu..??

pada aku,kalo tipu mesti ade sbb..
xde nye nk tipoo main2..kan..
and wat u said is true also..!!

Anonymous said...

i might agree wif prema..hehe..sometimes the situation forced us to tell lies (not dat i blame da situation or encourage u to lie, but it's the matter of fact)..hehe..but i think da best solution is to be quiet..dat way we can't be considered as lying rite? (as dibah also said..)

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